Teaching yoga came as a surprise to both of us. As a neuromuscular therapist, I knew the importance of stretching and regular exercise, but due to the stress of maintaining a full-time practice and day-trading full-time, a fitness routine was the last thing on my mind – the problem was that I really knew better. [more]

Bikram Choudhury, founder of Bikram's Yoga College of India, World Headquarters, Los Angeles, California, began learning Hatha yoga at the age of three in Calcutta, India. At age five, he began studying with Bishnu Ghosh, one of the great physical culturists of our time [more]

Bikram's Yoga is a beginner’s therapeutic series suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is a challenging 90-minute class comprised of twenty-six postures and two breathing exercises.

The Bikram’s series encompasses all three aspects of fitness: Endurance, Strength and Flexibility. Each posture stretches and strengthens specific muscles, ligaments, and joints needed for the next posture. The Bikram method also stimulates the organs, glands and nerves, moving fresh oxygenated blood to the entire body – It is a masterful system which promotes health and vitality.

Bikram scientifically designed this vigorous program to deliver total health through the balancing and strengthening of every system in the body. It was designed to prevent illness, decrease the incident of injury and limit the effects of aging. In addition, the series combines skills of concentration, patience, determination and self-control, which increases mental clarity and reduces the effects of stress.

Bikram Yoga is practiced in a heated room. The heat has three primary benefits: first, it assists to warm the body to allow for deeper stretching without injury; second, it facilitates an excellent cardiovascular workout; and third, it assists to detoxify the body through perspiration.

Yoga is the only exercise in the world that can be performed at any age. And Bikram’s yoga was designed to improve your health, strengthen your mind and calm your soul.

Bikram's Yoga is a health system that provides everyone an avenue to enhance personal performance and assist to correct physical ailments. It uniquely provides the perfect marriage between the health and fitness industry as both are achieved by practicing one integrated approach.

Increases Energy - Vitality - Strength - Flexibility - Endurance - Blood Circulation - Lubrication of Joints - Weight Loss or Weight Gain – as it balances the bodies ideal weight

Improves Posture - Balance - Relaxation - Muscle Tone - Concentration - Immune System - Breathing and Lung Capacity

Assists Detoxification - Injury Recovery - Reduction of Stress - Reduces Symptoms of many Chronic Diseases - Integrates both Hemispheres of the Brain – which improves Memory and Learning

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Come experience the "Hottest" fitness trend in the country! For a limited time, first time students pay only $89.00 for a One-Month Unlimited Class Package, Regular Price: $119.00 (with monthly autopay selection)! Express Hot Yoga is a beginners' therapeutic series of yoga that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels - No prior yoga experience is required!

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